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Some Funny Quotes

1. There Is No Cure For Birth And Death,Save To Enjoy The Interval.

George Santayana,Philosopher&Poet

2. The Idea Of Christ Is Much Older Than Christianity.

George Santayana,Philosopher&Poet

3. Fashion Is A Form Of Ugliness So Intolerable That We Have To Alter It Every Six Months.

Oscar Wilde,Playwright,Poet & Author

4. Reason Deserves To Be Called A Prophet;For In Showing Up The Consequense And Effect Of Our Actions In The Present,Does It Not Tell Us What The Future Will Be?

Arthur Schopenhauer,Philosopher

5. Wealth...Is A relative Thing Since He That Has Little And Wants Less Is Richer Than He That Has Much But Wants More...

Charles Caleb Colton,Cleric

6. Almost Every Wise Saying Has An Opposite One,No Less Wise,To Balance It.

George Santayana,Philosopher&Poet

7. I Know Only That What Is Moral Is What You Feel Good After And What Is Immoral Is What You Feel Bad After.

Ernest Hemingway,Writer&Journalist

8. A Great Many Worries Can Be Diminished By Realizing The Unimportance Of The Matter Wich Is Causing Anxiety.

Bertrand Russell,Philosopher

9. Bad Laws Are The Worst Sort Of Tyranny.

Edmund Burke,Author

10. An Honest Man Is Always A Child.


11. It's Better To Do The Most Trifling Thing In The World Than To Regard Half An Hour As Trifle.

Johann van Goethe,Writer

12. In Poverty And Other Misfortunes Of Life,True Friends Are A Sure Refuge.


13. Never Give In!Never Give In!Never,Never,Never...In Nothing Great Or Small,Large Or Petty,Never Give In Except To Convictions Or Honor And Good Sense!

Winston Churchill,Politician

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